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    “Having Michael Dominick as my attorney was the best thing that happened during that ordel.Not only  did he find me a great doctor he got the medical care i will need for the rest of my life.If you want a great attorney and a man that stands in your corner,get Michael Dominick.” – Vicki R.

    “I cannot say enough about the experience I recently had with Michael Dominick.  His vast experience, knowledge and balance of compassion with clarity were beyond my expectations.  The process of Workers Compensation claims is not one I found to be supportive of the care for the worker or concern for anything but a bottom line.  On top of having a physical injury you then endure the difficult legal proceedings and all that comes with it.  I couldn’t have taken this journey without Michael.  To not only feel like I could follow through (to the end) with trustworthy guidance…. but that in the end he was also able to get me a settlement that made a difference in my life.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for finding him.” – Jacqueline W.

    “Michael Dominick should have a white hat to cover his halo.  As for the white stallion part, he needs no mask.   He is recognized as Esquire for many reasons.  My hero.” – Beth

    “I injured my back on the job.  It was no fault of my own.  I was simply doing my job.  The workers comp doctor was not allowing me to receive the care I needed.  Even after 2 specialist said I needed surgery ASAP to prevent permanent nerve damage, the workman’s comp doctor continued to refuse to authorize surgery.  I was in constant pain and was having difficulty doing my job and not able to enjoy the things I love to do.  Michael Dominick helped me  get my life back.  He helped me switch to a workers comp doctor who actually had a conscience and gave me the health care I needed.  Michael also guided me to acquire financial compensation for lost wages, mileage expenses, home care after the surgery, etc.  I experience Michael Dominick and his office staff as very professional, efficient, knowledgeable, respectful and compassionate.  They are very patient with all my questions and requests.  When I call the office they always get back to me within 24 hours.  I would highly recommend Michael Dominick to anyone in need of a Workers Compensation lawyer.  I had the surgery/health care I needed, received compensation for lost wages etc. and now I am back to working a job I love.  Thanks to Michael Dominick I have a new lease on life.” – Helen T.


    I incurred a serious back injury in 2006.  Faced with all the questions you ask yourself-“When can I go back to work?”   ” Will I be able to go back to work?” And then ‘What is going to happen to me if I’m permanently disabled?”  

    All those things happened to me.  And having to deal with all the doctors, the workers comp people at work, the attorneys for the company and the pain just became too much for me.

    That is when I was referred to Michael Dominick.  From the start I was able to tell that this was an attorney who knew Worker Compensation Law (thankfully)!  Just knowing that he was representing me made it easier to deal with all of the other day to day decisions that I had to make.  It was a tough road but Mr. Dominick knew every direction that we had to take.  In the end, I won my case due to his fine representation.  If anyone reads this, take my word for it-if you want someone who is knowledgeable about every aspect of Workers Comp Law and who will fight for you-you owe it to yourself to sit down and talk to Michael Dominick.  – Gerry M.


    Michael P. Dominick Workers Compensation Attorney
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    Click here to watch our helpful videos about worker’s compensation law

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