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    Wheatridge, Colorado Workers Comp Lawyers

    If you sustain any type of injury while working, in theory, the Colorado workers compensation system is in place to protect you and to provide you with compensation so that you can seek the treatments you need. However, in practice, the system is not only complex, as it is governed by a number of complicated and ever-changing Colorado workers compensation laws, but it is also unforgiving, meaning that legitimate claims can be easily denied if a you fail to submit all of the necessary paperwork, fail to fill out documents properly and/or fail to file them according to strict deadlines. What can make matters worse are the facts that:

    • Staff at your place of employment and your insurance provider are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of Colorado workers compensation laws.
    • These people will generally try to minimize the benefits they pay you in order to save their own bottom line.

    During such stressful times, the Wheatridge workers compensation attorneys at the Law Office of Michael P. Dominick want you to know that we are here to assert your rights and help you obtain the compensation benefits you deserve. Our thorough knowledge of Colorado workers compensation laws, coupled with our dedication to defending injured workers rights and our decades of experience with these cases, allow us to consistently secure the maximum possible workers compensation benefits for our Clients. If you have been injured while working, we can provide you with the support and legal representation you need so that you can focus on your recovery.

    How We Can You Recover Physically and Financially

    As part of our comprehensive services, our Wheatridge workers compensate lawyers will not only help you obtain the medical treatments you need, but we will also:

    • Compile all necessary documentation, including doctors’ bills
    • File all necessary paperwork before the specified deadline
    • Help you obtain compensation for your lost wages and medical bills (including compensation for any out-of-pocket expense related to getting treatment, such as the cost of traveling and the cost of prescription medications)

    Some of the types of cases that we have had a proven track record of handling successfully in the past include (but are not limited to) those involving:

    • Lump-sum payments
    • Denials of workers compensation claims
    • Case closures (We can help injured parties reopen their cases.)
    • No-fault work injuries
    • Fatalities that occur on the job
    • Temporary disability claims
    • Permanent disability claims
    • Total disability claims
    • Social security insurance claims

    Our Wheatridge workers compensation attorneys strongly encourage injured parties to learn more about their rights and receive a free case evaluation by calling (303) 447-2644. We can be your advocates during such difficult times by fiercely defending your rights and helping you secure the maximum possible workers compensation benefits.

    Michael P. Dominick Workers Compensation Attorney
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    Click here to watch our helpful videos about worker’s compensation law

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