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    Louisville, Colorado Workers Comp Lawyers

    While Colorado workers compensation laws are designed to protect workers in the event that they are injured on the job, all too often legitimate claims are denied, and the system turns a cold shoulder on the injured workers that it was intended to protect. In fact, it is reported that approximately 27 percent of all workers compensation claims submitted in Colorado are denied. Although the justifications for denying workers compensation claims vary widely, cases that involve denials of legitimate claims typically occur when injured workers are unable to navigate through the complexities of Colorado workers compensation laws and/or when insurance providers or employers attempt to minimize injured workers’ claims in an effort to save their own profits.

    As a result, after sustaining any type of work injury, it is critical that injured workers secure the esteemed services of the Louisville workers compensation attorneys at the Law Firm of Michael P. Dominick. For decades, our skilled legal professionals have been advocating the rights of injured workers, and we are passionate about helping them obtain the benefits they deserve so they can focus on their recovery. While our Louisville lawyers are up to date with the latest changes to Colorado workers compensation laws, we are also experienced litigators who are not afraid to go up against opposing lawyers for even the largest corporations. This makes us highly effective at helping our Clients recover the maximum possible benefits and compensation for their work injuries.

    Our Proven Track Record of Success

    When it comes to handling workers compensation cases, our trusted attorneys have a wide range of experience and a proven track record of successfully overseeing even the most complex cases. Some of the types of cases we are experienced in handling including:

    • Disability, disfigurement and permanent disability cases
    • Cases involving lump-sum payments
    • Cases that have been closed or denied
    • No-fault work injury cases
    • Work fatality cases

    At every step during the process, our workers compensation lawyers will aggressively assert our Clients rights. From handling all necessary paperwork, which includes gathering documents and medical bills from doctors, to working with insurance providers and the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation, we will work tirelessly to help our Clients collect the benefits that they deserve.

    Our Louisville workers compensation attorneys strongly encourage injured parties to learn more about their rights and receive a free case evaluation by calling (303) 447-2644. We can be your advocates during such difficult times by fiercely defending your rights and helping you secure the maximum possible workers compensation benefits.

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    Click here to watch our helpful videos about worker’s compensation law

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