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    Erie, Colorado Workers Compensation Lawyers

    After being injured while working, you will likely be focused on your health and what you need to do to recover; however, immediately after a work injury, it will be vital that you take steps to protect your rights to workers compensation benefits, as failing to act in a timely manner can disqualify you from being eligible for these benefits altogether. What can be just as overwhelming as the injury itself are the facts that:

    • Colorado workers compensation laws are complicated and are regularly changing, which means that its more likely than not that you will not be familiar with them in the event you are injured at work.
    • Employers staff people who are highly familiar with these complex laws, and corporations will typically try to use this to their advantage to minimize their costs to the detriment of injured workers.

    At the Law Offices of Michael P. Dominick, our trusted Erie workers compensation attorneys:

    • Are passionate about defending the rights of injured workers
    • Fully understand the complexities of Colorado workers compensation laws
    • Have decades of experience in handling workers compensation claims
    • Have a proven track record of success when it comes to helping injured workers secure the compensation they deserve

    While we can effectively assist injured workers at every stage of their case, we can also help those whose claims have been denied to get their cases reopened so they can obtain the workers compensation benefits they are entitled to.

    Helping You Recover Physically and Financially

    In the most serious cases of work injuries, the trauma can cause permanent disability, which may not only impair a person’s ability to earn a living in the future but may also seriously diminish his quality of life. However, workers do not need to suffer from such catastrophic work injuries in order to benefit from the first-class representation that our Erie workers compensation lawyers can provide. Some of the various work injuries that our previous Clients have sustained and for which cases we are experienced in representing include (but are not limited to) those involving:

    Our Erie workers compensation attorneys strongly encourage injured parties to learn more about their rights and receive a free case evaluation by calling (303) 447-2644. We can be your advocates during such difficult times by fiercely defending your rights and helping you secure the maximum possible workers compensation benefits.

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    Click here to watch our helpful videos about worker’s compensation law

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